One comment on “Press Release – Irom Sharmila’s court appearance and insensitivity of state

  1. It’s nice that people write about Sharmila most Delhites were unaware of her presence. Would it not be more respectful to seek Irom Sharmila’s opinion. Most don’t. I am her fiance and have been given full authority to speak on her behalf. But perhaps think. What northeasterners usually complain about is that any protest in Imphal will be easily ignored. First Sharmila is still kept under arbitrary isolation orders. I was imprisoned with torture for 77 days even though I had a local judge grant me a court order requring police protection during an agreed prison visit. I was informed on release if I tried to get another court order I would be beaten up and imprisoned again for breach of the peace. For now for those who are a little more adventurous because of the NIA investigation you’d be fairly safe from the local police and their representatives from the local NGOs. Nobody wants to draw attention to themselves because those that the NIA name if they do their job will be looking at a death sentence not some cushy sentence in a VVIP cell. So here’s a thought. Instead of continually condemning the court case in Delhi and colluding with those who want the case dropped. What about this strategy. Present an actual defence. So invite the great and the good Shirin Ebadi the Nobel Laureate spoke for Sharmila in 2006 just after her arrest. She could anchor the character witnesses. Dr Binyak Sen could give expert witness testimony on the Malta Directives of the WHO for the defence. There are many celebrities who want to talk for Sharmila on TV debates or on UN junkets abroad. But they all seem to desert her when it counts at this show trial. And of course Sharmila can be given the right to address the court and have put into public record what satyagraha means. I know this group has connection with local Manipuri NGOs. I have always maintained that this nexus seeks Sharmila’s death. And when pressed those not directly involved will admit they have no connection with those NGOs and are not pushing any agenda. But these are my thoughts. Sharmila is campaigning for the removal of the AFSPA any campaign that supports that for now is helpful. She is not campaigning for the right of hunger strikers to die in obscurity. She is not trying to kill her self. She is not fasting unto death. Nor does she seek the right to fast unto death to be enshrined in Indian Law. Those who have any respect for history should know this. Or they could listen to her words. Instead of having press releases and fake campaigns. I am sure there will be a candlelight vigil announced for when Sharmila isn’t in Delhi. I hope that those of goodwill will come to support Sharmila in August if she is sent by the GoM. She has been sent now 4 times out of 16 attempts by this court and there are two other trials concurrent in Imphal. Nobody attends those as they are being managed with the usual manipuri violence that doesn’t get reported because no Indians (Mayangs) are involved. The NIA investigation now active in Manipur gives Sharmila a breathing space from the death plots which also remain underreported.


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